Unpacking Jargon




AFE11 UJ Cover DigitalCoverWe are pleased to bring you the latest edition of Unpacking Jargon, a guide we hope you will find as useful and as relevant as the three editions which precede it. At Afena Capital, part of our purpose is to play a meaningful role in transforming the investment management industries in which we operate and we see this publication as one of the conduits to help achieve just that.

The journey of transformation perhaps starts with the transformation of mind-sets. A broader education is then a vital tool to help achieve this shift, especially since we are operating in a dynamic world where there is ever-changing dialogue.

It is with this dialogue that, inevitably, jargon creeps in and adds temporary complexity to our thought processes. Since its first release in 2010, Unpacking Jargon’s aim has been to help distil this complexity and empower the minds of the reader.

As participants in the long term savings and investments industry, it is important that we adequately arm our minds to stay well informed of the changes around us. While this book has become a valuable tool for many industry participants, we believe it can be relevant to the broader economy as well. Young and old members of society are all investors in one form or another. Whether it is an investment of their time, skills or their finances, these elements are all necessary to keep our industries productive and growing.

So when the time comes to navigate financial markets, Unpacking Jargon will be an ideal partner to help sift through the noise, understand industry nuances and aid in more informed decision-making. Please share this book with those around you. Consumer education and financial literacy, we reiterate, are of utmost importance

Unpacking Jargon